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Hello and welcome to the UFO Investigations website. After more than 13 years of serious non-stop, coast to coast investigations, I've decided to take the time to evaluate a mountain of information, photos and video footage while at the same time sharing it with you and others like you who are searching for the truth behind the UFO Phenomenon. We all have our own views, opinions and convictions regarding Alien visitation and Alien, Human contact, better known as abductions. My views are simple, because I am and always have been a skeptic! I'm the person who always used to say that I'll believe when I see it with own eyes. Well, it should be pretty obvious that something has convinced me that UFOs are very real and should be taken very seriously. Within this website you will find many facts, photos, and credible documentation and testimony that should be helpful to you and your quest. Please enjoy the many pages contained within and don't forget to sign my guest register so that I know that you were here. Most sincerely,

Frank J. Khoury.....


There exists a multi billion dollar a year industry that makes me furious. The key to maintaining a high $$ business is Lot's of paying customers. For 6 years, me and seven others have fought a losing cyber war trying to protect 1,000s of children from abuse and deprivation at any cost. The sex exploitation of our kids would not flourish if lowlife perverts from all walks of life did not subscribe to it.

C.A.S.E. Citizens Against Sex Exploitation
The purpose of this website is to address the infestation of the worldwide web that concerns the entire Country. Our goal is to bring about public awareness to what is happening to children as young as age ten! How can these crimes against kids continue making big money for those responsible.

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Do you want the truth? I do! No tangible evidence exists? How much do we need???

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"What Invasion are you talking about? Humanity was conquered 35,000 years ago!"

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